Dzianis Kotau
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Мy name is Dzianis Kotau. I'm Solutions Architect and Zend Certified PHP Engineer. I'm PHP evangelist and loved in it.


July 30, 2022

Laravel Pint Format Option

Pint is a new awesome tool in Laravel's ecosystem developed by Nuno Maduro. It's built on the top of PHP-CS-Fixer and provides simple but yet powerful interface to PHP-CS-Fixer options. Now you can use Laravel Pint in your CI/CD pipelines to generate style reports.


January 26, 2020

Auto Generating Table of Contents in Markdown

Most popular PHP Markdown parsers like Markdown Extra (is used by Sculpin) or Parsedown Extra (is used by Jigsaw) can't generated Table of Contents. Despite this, Sculpin can generate TOC. I became interested in it and researched how Sculpin does this.


December 30, 2019

IBM App ID Provider for OAuth 2.0 Client

Let me introduce you my own IBM App ID Provider for the PHP League's OAuth 2.0 Client. IBM App ID is a service for IBM Cloud that hides implementation of different OAuth providers (Facebook, Google, SAML, etc.) and allows you to use them in one way. This article is about provider that you can use to communicate with IBM App ID service using standalone PHP or Symfony.